Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blush Crush

I get it.
Pastels for spring is hardly out of the ordinary. So when I saw blush start popping up in window displays this year I wasn't surprised. But what has surprised me is the fresh upgrade that the previously muted and boring color has gotten this year. Blush has expanded its range, from a dusty hue to bright and fun. From pairings with rose gold to upgraded silhouettes, blush no longer makes me think of Easter eggs and bridesmaids dresses.
My favorite pairing is blush and rose gold. And before you scoff at me and say they're they same color, I promise they aren't. Try a blush top with rose gold earrings or bracelet, like the Kate Spade on below. These colors are close enough on the color scale to compliment each other without being overpowering.

So let go of your vendetta against blush and try it on for size. I did and I'm already obsessed.